Document Destruction and Your HR Department

As a business owner, when you hire an employee you must collect sensitive information about them and they trust you to keep in private. A human resources department is responsible for making sure that the entire organization runs smoothly. From day-to-day activities to overseeing the big picture of the company, the members of the human resources team play a big role in any company’s success. Keeping employee information protected is essential for a number of reasons. The staffing and operational aspect of the human resources department must pay careful attention to their paperwork and digital documents, making sure that it is private and protected.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) specifies the federal employment laws that must be adhered to directly in regard to maintaining and disposing employee records. The following employee information must be disposed of correctly by law:

  • Resumes
  • Wage and hour records
  • Medical files
  • Testing data
  • Disciplinary documents
  • Job evaluations
  • Social security numbers
  • Merit systems
  • Banking information
  • Job postings
  • Collective bargaining agreements

The above information is incredibly sensitive and can be quite harmful if left in the wrong hands. Should the above documents be released to the public, the company responsible would be liable in the court of law. As such, it is absolutely imperative for every employer to maintain a strategic, customized document destruction plan. Each and every company has a special variety of documents, data, and information stored regarding their employees. Therefore, the human resources department must speak with a document destruction specialist to determine how to best keep this information safe and secure from the public.

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