Human Resources Departments Must Shred

The human resources department in any organization is tasked with many responsibilities. Whether it’s keeping personnel documents organized or ensuring that the company is compliant with working relationships and behaviors, any HR employee understands that their role is critical to the overall functionality of the company as a whole. Statistically, upwards of 41 percent of all security breaches are causes by some type of human error. As a result, human resources employees must be incredibly careful in handling their documents, as they all typically contain highly sensitive, personal information.

The following documents are characteristically held within the human resources department of an organization and should be shredded appropriately:

  • Medical files
  • Job postings
  • Merit systems
  • Resumes
  • Testing data
  • Job evaluations
  • Wage and hour records
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Disciplinary documentation

It is up to the employer to make their employees feel that their personal and private information secure and safe. Without a proper document destruction strategy, companies run the risk of getting themselves and their employees in terrible situations. Be sure to discuss the information protection policy with the human resources department to ensure that all data is secured.

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