Insurance Companies

The insurance industry today handles a massive amount of documents each and every day. Insurance companies in Florida are responsible for the management and creation of a wide variety of documents and forms, which often become the foundation of the business functions within the corporation. Managing such a broad spectrum of insurance documents is a cumbersome undertaking requiring a serious focus on privacy and confidentiality.

The overall corporate environment in any organization is often bounded by the restraints of a number of moving parts. The documents typically managed, administered, and processed within insurance companies is extremely sensitive information. When it comes to protecting the most secure records utilized by insurance companies, it is essential to call upon a trustworthy, reliable document destruction organization. ALLSHRED Information Destruction, Inc. has proudly provided just that to Florida’s insurance companies for many, many years.

Insurance companies must be protected in order to safeguard closing statements, Title docs, HUD forms, financial statements, and every other piece of sensitive data. These insurance companies must protect both internal and external information such as birth dates, Social Security Numbers, and addresses. ALLSHRED Information Destruction, Inc. offers document destruction services for:

  • Claim and Processing Administration
  • Administration Documents
  • Employee Records
  • Proposals
  • Employment Applications
  • Contracts
  • Government Mandated Reports
  • Working Papers

ALLSHRED Information Destruction, Inc. takes pride in our ability to deliver the most secure, convenient, and cost-effective shredding plans available today. With a focus on client care, we develop specific, customized document destruction strategies to meet the demands of the insurance market and your particular insurance company.  To learn more about your shredding options, contact ALLSHRED Information Destruction, Inc. for a consultation.